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Okay people check it out! The fight against The Establishment has been ongoing for ages this is true...but now a line has been crossed that must be redefined and reinforced. The Napster case has been brought up so many times it is ridiculous and for what? To decide whether or not it is right to transfer files from one person to another! Some people may argue that fact but basically that is what it comes down to.

Here is YOUR chance to speak your mind on the matter!

Below are some of MY personal views on the matter, give em a look and tell me what YOU think by signing the guestbook and if you REALLY care answer some of the survey questions on this site. Help decide the fate of Napster today!

Here's my stand on the issue:

* If you're going to charge for the use of Napster you might as well charge for attachments on email and every person to person file transfer on the net (which I am not an advocate of by the way!!!) because it is undoubtedly the same principle!!!

+ Mp3 file sharing gives people a chance to sample music before they purchase a cd or other media format. In fact, if it wasn't for Napster I would have missed out on a lot of great bands either currently famous or pure unknowns.

On the flip side, if it weren't for all of the wonderful available remixes of my favorite songs, I would have definitely lost interest in some of my favorite artists. After all, you can only listen to the same version of a song so many times.

* How many of us have taped a song from the radio or made a personal collection of music videos using a vcr? Ever loaned that mix tape or video to a friend? What is the difference between said actions and the use of Napster? The only difference is Napster is prominent, well-known, and a great way of attacking millions for doing what they have been doing for decades and therefore it has become a target for relentless persecution.

+ Not all of us use Napster for current music. I see it as a valuable resource. Because of Napster I have been able to reclaim various hits of my youth and times before that. There is so much music that is unavailable on store shelves since it has become outdated or isn't even available for purchase on U.S. shores.

Plus, Napster is an international thing!!! I have met so many wonderful people from Australia, Denmark, England, Germany, and so many other wonderful places who have gathered to commune and share a love that transcends SO many borders...the love of music.

* Is Napster usage really creating that huge of a dent in CD sales? Last time I checked, music sales weren't the only form of revenue in the business. The majority of profits is made through concert tickets and merch sales (merchandising). What the heck happens to the millions of dollars made through the sale of t-shirts, posters, stickers, books and whatnot that is constantly sold to promote today's superstars?

+ My final argument for the time being is as follows:

Ahem...capitalism has so many people fooled it's horrendous! True, it does cost money to produce concerts and videos. Special effects are expensive. Rehearsals are tedious as well and staff members have to be paid for their art.

But overall have we forgotten that consumers are the foundation of the entertainment industry? Without our desire for entertainment there would be NO need for entertainers.

A good friend of mine brought up an interesting point when he said "Those people need that money to live!"

Excuse me, but some of "those people" rake in more than we will ever make in four lifetimes! To those who have not made superstar status yet don't forget what you're in the business for, to entertain. You should always put that desire ahead of the almighty dollar. Sure it takes hard work, but unlike 98 percent of the population you have been given a gift. It isn't about earning a doctorate degree in a particular field, it's about luck, talent, and being in the right place at the right time. Don't deny it. If it were so easy to get into the biz, we'd all become celebrities.

The problem is, the industry is angry with us for enjoying the fruits of its labor. As an unknown entertainer myself, I would be honored to stand before an adoring crowd and sing my heart out...some of us have forgotten what is important.

Big Shiny N

WOW! It has been quite some time now since I checked up on things and I would just like to say thanks to both those for and against Napster who took the time to state your views. Keep the comments comin' people and I'LL be sure to keep this site more updated! *grin* 10-23-01

This website is designed and maintained by a private party and is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Napster or Lycos, their affiliates or any sites similar to those previously mentioned.

Let us know how you feel about the views stated? Do you agree or disagree?!!!

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